PUBG Mobile Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

PUBG Mobile Tutorial Guide:- Hello guys and welcome to my tutorial guide for pubG mobile so I’m playing this game using the mem u emulator to play it on my PC now rest assured fine it’s a mobile app but the game does detect.

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If you’re using emulators and it will only queue you against other people using an emulator so don’t worry about that side of things now what you have in the game the so typical app layout you have achievements you have your inventory and so on you can see I’m working through my achievements when ever you see these dots it just means something to alert your attention to it so as time goes on just make sure whenever you see an orange dot you investigating go through.

PUBG Kaise Khelte Hai

The menus very typical of apps now you have a lot of different game modes in the game lots of different maps you can get and you have an arcade mode you can switch between first and third person mode as with a standard pubG and then you also have an event mode so right now there’s a zombie survival dawn mode in the game but we’ll work on classic for now and then you can also see your latency to the different area so obviously I’m going to now select Europe because I’m in Europe and generally as well what’s really fun about this game.

If we just quickly jump into a match is the quality of life changes and this all generic things which just make it more useful and more appropriate for an app so, for example, one thing which I’ll show you once we get into the game is you have Auto looting so in the main game of player on battlegrounds you have to pick up I mean you still have to do in this game you have to pick up attachments for your weapons you have to get extra bullets or scopes or grips or whatever now in this game and you also have your vest in your backpack helmet in this game all of that is automatically picked up and assigned to you if it’s an upgrade to you the only thing that you manually have to select really.

If you want to switch out weapons let’s say you find a better gun than the ones you have already and if you want to switch out for example your grenades and that’s basically it you concentrate more on the looting and shooting so you just loop it picks up it automatically like so you’re not going to be menu surfing much in this version of the game compared to the main game and graphically you can see the game looks fine so even it’s an app with for example an emulator you can ramp it up so if I was playing on phone I would be playing it on my iPhone X but I’m playing this game on my PC and it’s been really really fun so one thing yourself in this game you can jump together so like in other battle Royale you can jump as a group or you can jump individually so it’s up to the team.

If you want to do it now one thing I would recommend as a new player is to practice a game in squad mode you have people helping you out backing you up and so on and spend the time to learn what guns you like you know what works well for you you know what sort of load outs you want what is good to have and what I would also recommend is just getting used to these sort of quirks of the game

How To Play PUBG Mobile

How To Play PUBG Mobile
How To Play PUBG Mobile

now generally you want to start the game simply going to a place which is not too over lyoverly and like overrun by other players especially if you’re a new player so you can see I’m going straight down so this the more directly you go down you can see the quicker you go so that’s why I’m sort of you know nose-diving as quickly as I can down to get as quickly to the ground as possible now sometimes at the beginning of the match getting a gun before the other person could be the difference between staying in the game or not especially at the beginning so okay without down so let’s see go into these houses and see if we can find anything so

I’ve got a backpack you see I didn’t have to pick that off it automatically picked it up just by me running over it so all I have so far is a backpack so let’s see we got some bandages the auto looting is souseful it really is okay I’ve got a newsie now so what it also does as well you can see I’ve got the Uzi then is that a design the bullets so it didn’t pick up bullets unless it actually there was a gun for you to pick them up for so okay let’s go in here and make sure as well – I got avest I’ve got a shotgun as my second weapon okay

so what you also have in the game you heard it just say now enemies ahead that was the in-game chat that you can use in the app so in the app what you can do is you can click this button here this speech bubble and you can put random commands which will put as voice chat to the rest of the team if you’re not using voice chat so it’s a way to communicate with your team so what weapon is this that’s an SKS okay so I’m gonna switch out my shotgun so you see in that case

I did actually use my bouncers which wings out but generally most of the time you’ll be Auto looting in this game so going forward let’s see if we can find someone to take on so keep your eyes wide open try and keep aware of where your team is on the mini-map but obviously the main focus of the game is stay alive so I mean that’s what bow Royales are and I’ve been having a lot of fun with this game

I almost considered the app version of this game to be like a bigot a beginner version compared to the main game so because of all the auto looting so if you’re if you’re not used to these or games and you don’t really know about the attachments just play this out version for a while like I said you can play on PC is 100% for free you can download it via the App Store Google Play or iTunes or so on and so on okay

so you can see now we’ve got a backpack we have a vest we have a helmet we have our guns we have a few bullets you can get gas cans for your cars as well or your vehicles to get around the map now generally at the beginning of the game you have about you can see at the timer here so you see this timer’s counting down so you have about three minutes so what you want to do is in that time Lieut as much as you can but then pay attention to your map is that you see this circle the game collapses and it pushes players to be within a stationing circle every couple of minutes and that’s just designed to make sure that the players eventually have to confront each other

if you’re standing outside the zone then you will just start taking damage and if she stay outside it too long you will just die to the damage of the zone so be careful that’s all I will say so and again always keep your eyes open if you want to put your weapons away in this version of the game you would just select the weapon again so in my case I’m selecting I have my SKS selected so I just select it again you see has put my weapon away the advantage to the point your weapons away it means you run quicker but that’s only really important if you’re trying to runa great distance to close in on the zone now what you also want to do as well is especially when you’re in squad games just work with your team

if you can back them up great but do yourself a favor don’t hug them like don’t make it easy for an enemy to shoot more than one of you I do try and work tactically right and also as well don’t block your teammates physically do try and always think how to do things now yeah the reason I paused yes then is because I thought I heard footsteps so

what’s really good in this game is the directional audio so being a lot of the sounds of what’s around you hearing footsteps outside above you below you whatever can just make you plant actically what you would like to do you know as in like to make sure you have the jump on the enemies obviously running through and over and feel like this is not a good idea that’s why I’m looking around like a maniac now one thing

I would recommend as well if painkillers or energy drinks if you consume those then you get one quicker run speeds – you get like a regen on your health so med kits and bandages will only ever get you up to about 75%health if you are injured below that but the painkillers and energy drinks will l then give you an a renew all the way back up to 100 so and it can make a difference in an extended battle fight if you have the energy drinks or pink alerts up

because it can really just give you the region it could be the difference between life or death basically so I’m sorry is trying to walk towards my team so you can see obviously on the map this two three four on the map and all the people who are in front of me like these all team mates they’re all squad mates so why is a squad game this forty six players left you can see on the top left of the screen but the auto looting is so is such an improvement for me personally it makes it life a lot easier so

I can just work tactically on the actual concept of the game which is just simply winning the battle royale rather than worrying about item menu surfing and so on okay so let’s open the door okay some more bullets so anyone around okay there’s my team over there so let’s go down there is full damage in this game in case you’re wondering now going into these sort of games it’s obviously a lot more fun to play them with friends you know play them with as many friends as you can because any game really is more fun with friends it could be anything in my opinion so

if you have friends who also play this game then jump in with them and it’s obviously the high you get and the more wins you get the more kills you get then it could just be more and more satisfying now in terms of the weapons themselves the shotgun is amazing for up close and personal because the amount of damage it puts out will just decimate all opponents but you do need to just practice with each gun see what works for you okay so 27 left 26 while people are getting destroyed right now it always it shows you can see the list of who is attacking who okay so there’s my the rest of my team so let’s go all right so

I joined my team and we’re now looking towards getting because we’re getting now the 16 players left so we’re getting almost into a top 10 situation the map is getting smaller we’ve not had that much action in this game that’s just a tip like I said it’s a typical thing or battle royale sometimes you’re you’re going and you have like ten different battles that you might have to face other times you’ll go in and you’ll have literally nothing so but the point is they can only be one winner and at the end of the day he’s shooting me nice so

I got him so this have an energy drink nice so be honest that was probably a a lucky shot of my par to be able to get him down so quickly let’s take another energy drink oh cool so like I said it is obviously it’s a mistake to run through the open like this because you saw he was trying to just pick me off and with this game the zone will drink so much to a point where it’s impossible not to have aconfrontation eventually so you have to just survive as much as you can you can choose to hide the whole time if you want but it’s more better for you in the long run to not be scared to be in fights because you need to as a in a battle royale situation you need to get used to that so if I put my weapon away then I’ll run them quicker so looks like we put my weapon away so now

I’m running even faster towards the zone but always be ready to put weapons out now we can hear an airplane coming and sometimes airplanes bring supplies and drops that you can get which will have amazing weapons in it something I saw someone right there no there is yeah I got him like I said if you areunprepared you just never know it could be the zonethat kills you not other players if you’re not prepared we’re gonna make itI think we’re gonna make it just just making it okay we just made it into thezone eek okay we’re not the other player but I’m gonna keep swimming get into the zone

when I got 20 seconds left this is obviously not ideal this is bad planningon our part okay there oh crap so I was shot by an enemy player well I shouldwash aim what a real shame too so it was the zone and some while swimming astupidly is long distance I got me killedso is he going to survive with one HP not likely that oh well so I’m not bad we finishedsecond it was a silly way to die like to be just picked out in the water likethat but that’s it so that’s that’s pop G mobile it runs really well in myopinion like

I said you can use it on a emulator to play the game on PC you canplay it on iphone you can play on Android and so on so what you can alsodo as well is you can visit my quest mode so if you go to my quest mode the link will be in the description of this video you can download the app and youcan do quests in the game so please do so 1 second mystery ed Rock found openit ok so let’s take a look what that is

I now leveled off ok let’s close that soand what you can do is well in the game you see I’ve been collecting these coinsI’ve got 5000 of these coins you can buy crates so here we go soldier crate youcan buy them that they get more and more expensive each time so my next one willcost me seven thousand anything you buy in the game is purely for cosmeticsthere’s no pay to win in this game is purely for cosmetic reasons that you also have daily quests so

I did a few quests so ranked in the top 10 with the squad kill one enemy with a headshot and join one match ok done you click here collect all and you see and I’ve opened up a couple more chests for the daily soif you play the game each day you can keep progressing keep leveling and so onwhat you also have in the game is clans so with clans as per any typical shooter game you can work together you can team up with your clans and so on if you’renot in a clan you can just see a list of plans available you can see the requirements usually the requirements are just depending on your level and you also have shops and parks and different things that the clan can unlock togetherbut like

I said I would recommend jumping into this game with friends so as I said before guys what you can do if you’re interestedwith this game you can jump on to my quest mode if you click the link in thedescription you can download the game so which will I mean you can download thegame for free but if you downloaded via my quest mode you then have thesedifferent quests so you have like here for example install the game via my quest mode join the community do 15 level up events so to be specific alevel up event is each time you level up

so it doesn’t mean for example if youlevel up one to free in one go because that’s just how it is at the beginning of the game then that will still count as one level up so if you don’t fifteen level off events then you can keep progressing and you can add sub points and eventually free tips to give to me as a streamer

if you’re interested so how many have I done so you need to complete five more events so it does keep count for you so I need to do five more level events in order to get thatachievement and progress towards sub points and so on so anyway guys thank you for watching my video about pubG mobile I hope you enjoyed it and if youlike this video remember to check out all the other videos on my channel I’ve got loads of different games I play and so on and as well you can watch a randomvideo over there you can see the latest upload down there or you can click downhere to subscribe thank you guys bye bye.


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