Kanto SYD powered speaker with Bluetooth and phono preamp

Kanto SYD powered speaker with Bluetooth:-Hey, I’m Rishabh, web manager here at PROTECHSTARS, and this is the Kanto SYD. It is a single, powered bookshelf speaker. It’s quite versatile and sounds pretty great. It does give you a stereo sound from a single speaker. It does that using two 4-inch Kevlar drivers and two 1-inch silk dome tweeters powered by 70 watts of Class D power. The sound is impressive.

You’ll be surprised how much you get, especially how much bass you get out of such a small single speaker, and the stereo Imaging is impressive as well. There are several ways to get music into the Kanto SYD. You can use Bluetooth, and if you have a compatible Android phone with aptX you can even stream Bluetooth ina higher resolution than normal, so it’ll sound pretty great. In addition to Bluetooth, on the back, there are several inputs. There’s an optical input, which is pretty cool, you can use that with the optical output from your TV if you want this to be your TV’s sound solution, in addition to that, there’s a 3.5mm jack if you just want to hard-wire in some sort of portable device. And the coolest is a set of RCA inputs.

Kanto SYD powered speaker with Bluetooth and phono preamp
Kanto SYD powered speaker with Bluetooth and phono preamp

With a switch, you can make them either line-level or phono level. So if you want to use them with a nice turntable that doesn’t have its own phono preamp built-in, you can pipe that right inhere, it even has the grounding screw on the back so you can make sure your turntable sounds good. And there’s also a subwoofer output on the back of the SYD, so even though it has plenty of bass on its own, if you need a little bit more low-end you can hook up your own separate powered sub. There’s also a USB port on the back, but it’s not for playing music, it’s really just for charging up your portable devices. All by itself, the frequency response on the Kanto SYD goes down to 60 hertz. That’s pretty low bass for a speaker this size.

Kanto SYD powered speaker with Bluetooth

The SYD has an input sensing mode, so it knows when to turn on because you started playing music, and once you stop playing music it knows to turn itself off, saving you a little bit of electricity. It also looks cool. You can have it sitting flat on the table, or you can use the included stand to aim it up a little bit right at your listening area, and it looks great in this matte black finish. So this is the Kanto SYD. It is a powerful bookshelf speaker that you can use with just about any musical source. If you have any questions about this, get in touch with us here at crutchfield.com. There’s a phone number on the website, use it to call one of our advisors and get some assistance figuring out if this is the right speaker for you. You can also chat with us online or send us an email, you can even post comments right here on this article, we do look at those comments and we will respond.

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