Can we get permanent skins of guns like Kar98K, M416, AKM etc. or skins of UAZ, Dacia, Parachute or an Aeroplane finish by spending silver frags? Can we spend less to buy that latest season Royale Pass? and all this without any VPN tricks,or loopholes? It will be really amazing. In this video, we’ll see how we can get all that. Let’s get started…

PUBG Kaise Khelte Hai


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Hi guys! How are you all? I hope you are doing great, as always. Most of us already know that PUBG Mobile has different versions for different countries & regions. In China, it is the Game For Peace. There is a PUBG Mobile Global version. There is a Vietnam version of the game, and so is the Korean version of PUBG Mobile. This video is about PUBG Mobile Korean version. This is absolutely safe to play it.

No VPN needed. Your PUBG Mobile Global ID will not be affected at all. No ban, No nothing. it 100% safe. I’ve been playing on this for quite some time now. This video has two segments. First is the installation of PUBG Mobile Korean version. The second segment showcases the benefits of it. All those amazing rewards, gun skins, permanent finishes, etc. You can skip to that segment if you wish to see those rewards first (Skip to 05:24 for the second segment) and then go through the installation procedure if you are convinced. First, we’ll download and install PUBG Mobile Korean version. The process is quite similar to installing BETA PUBG Mobile.

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If you can check out that video, go to the link on the i-card above. Let’s download and install an app from Play Store/ App Store. We’ll search ‘App Installer’. Open Play Store. Scroll down to the app from a developer named ‘uptodown’. ‘APK Installer by Up to down’. Let’s download and install. Now, we’ll download the xapk file of the PUBG Mobile Korean Version. from our browser.

This file should be downloaded from website of same developer, Google ‘PUBG Mobile KR’ on our web browser. Scroll down to the link from Download the file. File size is around 1.75GB to 1.8GB We’ll skip the video till the download finishes. In your case, you can test how much you know PUBG Mobile through an interesting video from us. Check out that video. The link is in i-card. So, the file download is complete. Now, we open the app we installed. And we’ll install the game using the APK Installer. Tap ‘Install Apps’. Tap on the file we just downloaded (pubg-mobile-kr-0-18-0.xapk) Now, it will unzip and install the game. Permit to install apps from unknown sources. Tap on ‘Install’. Installation finished.

Let’s check out the game launcher. The first game we see here is PUBG Mobile. There are two games installed in the name of PUBG Mobile. One is global version and another is the Korean version. Tap open the game. So, here we are in the lobby. Now, straight to the point of those amazing free rewards. On checking out the events, We see that we get vehicle skins regularly. They are time-limited but we never run out of them. We get more and more skins before the previous ones expire. Let’s me disappear so that you can check out the content. In weekly sign-in, we get at least 2 or 3, the most precious, ‘Donkatsu Medal’.

We can collect 6+ of them to open the most premium crates. Best thing is the very high possibility getting an awesome reward whether it is an outfit or a permanent skin. Here is another event in which we can collect more and more of these Donkatsu medals and open premium crates to get even few upgradable skins. It not like getting loads of those shtty silver frags we get in the global version.

One more medal we are getting here. And if we check out this ‘Daily Vehicle event’, here we get those (time-limited) vehicle skins everyday and we’ll always have one or two of them. Let’s check the ‘Redeem’ section in this version. There are lots of amazing crates we see here. Few of them are not available in global version yet. We have a very high possibility of getting these rewards. So, redeem section. These are what we get spending silver frags. On scrolling down, check out these skins. These can be yours by just spending the silver frags. Check out these amazing skins. All of them are permanent skins. A bike skin.

A parachute skin, nice outfit to own. Far better what we get in the global version. Now, these AKM, M416, Kar98K skins were recently available in global version for 360UC. Here we get them at 360 silver frags for each of these permanent skins. A UAZ skin we have. Let’s check out the soldier crate. We know what sht we get in those crates in the global version. First reward is that Donkatsu medal, the key to premium crates. No need to spend UC. Check this outfit. More gun skins. And all of these are permanent.

These are soldier crate rewards. We’ll never run out of free skins here in this version. This premium crates require either 120UC or those 4 donkatsu medals which we get for free. (Check out that upgradable M164A skin which was available for spin event in global version). We always have a much higher possibility of getting these as compared to the global version. I, myself, have those skins in a very short time in this version.

So, finally comes the Royale Pass. In global version, we spend from ₹680 to ₹850 to get the Royale Pass of a season. Let’s check out how much a Royale Pass costs here. Let’s try to buy it in-game. So, 600UC plus 60UC bonus. A total of 660UC for just ₹618. In global version, we spend ₹850 if we buy the RP in game. Let me re-appear now… 😉 OK. So, an important point, please do mind it. We can play matches teaming up with our friends who play on global version. No problem at all. Just add them to your friends’ list, invite them and play. It is simply the way we make a duo or squad with our friends and play with them. We can join a crew made on global version.

BUT… Clans in PUBG Mobile Korean Version are different than the clans in the global version. It means that the player with PUBG Mobile Korean version ID can not join a clan made on PUBG Mobile Global version and vice-versa. This thing must be kept in mind. So, if you enjoyed the video, give it alike. Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet. And smash that bell icon to get the timely notification of our new videos. See you in the next one.



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